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3 Tips for Packing Your Storage Unit

Need more space to storage your valuables? Load and Lock Self Storage has six Pennsylvania storage facilities north of Allentown. We can find you the space you need in a drive-up storage unit or parking space at the location closest to you. Get started with us today by browsing our available storage units online to find the best solution for your situation and budget. Then check out our tips for packing up your storage unit.

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Tips for Success When Packing Your Storage Unit

So you are planning to rent a storage unit soon—what are your first steps in preparation? Here are three simple tips to keep in mind as you are packing for storage and packing up your storage unit.

1. Plan a Layout for all Your Items Inside the Storage Unit

Do not leave the organizing to the last second. Think about the items you are storing and the access you will need over their time storage. Leave enough space in the center of the storage unit for an aisle, like the one pictured below, to let yourself have easy access to all of your boxes, whether they are in the front or back. Items closer to the front should be ones you plan on swapping in or out frequently. Keep valuable items toward the back.

how to pack a storage unit - leave an aisle for easy access

2. Pack Your Boxes Intentionally

You do not want to make your boxes too heavy (for lifting and box structure purposes), but you still want to make sure each box is filled (to avoid breaking if something is stacked on top of it). If you do stack your boxes, use heavier, larger ones as a base, and put your lightest ones at the top.

Use that same sentiment when packing up your boxes. Heavier items like books make for a great base that allows you to stack lighter objects on top. Consider your fragile items when packing, and make sure their boxes are clearly labeled, so movers know to handle them with care.

3. Label Boxes as You Pack Up

Labels will help you keep track of which items are inside which box without needing to open them. You can also use labels to organize your storage unit by category. For example, mark “kitchen” on the boxes holding pots and pans, pantry items, and dishware. Take it a step farther by marking more specific contents, such as “kitchen – silverware” or “guest room – extra sheets.” You can save yourself valuable time throughout the moving process.

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Load and Lock Self Storage: Call or Stop by Today!

Now that you have an idea about packing your storage unit, it is time to secure yours. Load and Lock Self Storage offers contactless online rentals for each of our storage facilities. See the available drive-up storage units and outdoor parking spaces at our Poconos locations!

Load and Lock Self Storage provides tools to help you navigate the rental process, like our storage calculator to help choose a storage unit size. We even share our master list of self storage tips to set you up for success. Get started today!

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