Self Storage Tips

Self Storage Tips

Are you looking for a stress-free storage solution tailored for your convenience? Look no further than Load and Lock Self Storage, your go-to destination in the Pocono Mountains for spacious accommodations and expert guidance for your storage experience. Our process is designed to simplify every step, from selecting the perfect facility and unit to packing and moving your belongings into your rental. At Load and Lock Self Storage, we’re dedicated to making your storage experience hassle-free. Let’s walk through our top self storage tips to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

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Expert Self Storage Tips: Easy Steps to Your Perfect Storage Solution

self storage tips - choosing a storage space

Selecting the Right Storage Facility & Unit for You

With the numerous self storage options available, how do you determine the ideal storage facility, and more importantly, the right storage unit for your situation? Begin your search by looking for self storage facilities in close proximity to your residence, workplace, business, or regular commuting routes. Convenience will make all the difference, just as much as the quality of products and services offered.

Each type of storage option comes with its own set of advantages, which must be carefully assessed against your individual needs. Drive-up storage units offer the ease of loading and unloading directly from your vehicle, while indoor storage units provide superior temperature regulation, safeguarding your valuables against fluctuating humidity and weather conditions. If you are not sure if your items need temperature control or can do without, reach out to our team of experts to talk through your storage needs. 

Get organized and rent with Load and Lock Self Storage today! With a widespread network of storage facilities across the Poconos, we cater to all your requirements, offering convenient drive-up storage units, indoor storage options, outdoor parking spaces for personal vehicles, RVs, and boats, and more! Explore the distinctive features of each of our storage facilities, and take advantage of our handy storage calculator to determine the appropriate size of storage unit for your needs.


self storage tips - packing boxes

Packing Strategies for Organizing Your Possessions

1. Prioritize Preparation

Before packing your items for storage, take extra precautions to ensure their safety. For example, delicate items require additional padding to prevent damage during transport and storage. You can stop into one of our storage offices in Albrightsville, Canadensis, or Walnutport to stock up on all the packing supplies you could need.

Before storing, you should also familiarize yourself with our storage guidelines to ensure compliance with our regulations and rental processes.

2. Heavy Items at the Bottom

A fundamental rule in packing is to place heavier items at the bottom of your boxes, with lighter items on top. This prevents boxes from becoming unbalanced or collapsing under weight, protecting the integrity of your belongings and the boxes themselves. Apply this principle when packing up boxes, as well as when packing items inside your storage space.

3. Clean Well Before Packing Away

Before storing your items, thoroughly clean them to maintain their condition. This step is especially crucial for items such as appliances, tools, and electronics, where dust accumulation can lead to damage over time. Ensure all moisture is completely wiped off and fully dried to prevent mold or mildew growth and eliminate any lingering odors. You can leave Damp-rid or other moisture absorbers in your storage space to keep humidity at bay.

4. Airtight Packing for Ultimate Protection

For optimal defense against pests and moisture, consider packing your items in airtight containers. This is particularly vital for items susceptible to damage from humidity or pest intrusion, like clothing, important documents, electronic devices, or other textiles. An airtight environment helps preserve the condition of these items, ensuring their safety throughout their time in storage.


self storage tips - packing storage unit

Efficient Packing Tips for Your Self Storage Unit

1. Plan for Easy Access

It’s best to take a strategic approach to packing your storage unit to take full advantage of your entire rental space. Start by creating an aisle down the middle for easy access. Group similar items together to facilitate finding things and to maintain a neat unit. If you are storing a large quantity of items, it may be a good idea to create a cheat sheet, so you can quickly locate specific items in different corners of your unit. 

Expert Tip: Keep frequently used items near the front for quick access. Tuck valuables away in the back, away from the door.

2. Maximize Storage Space by Stacking

Make the most of your Load and Lock Self Storage unit by thinking vertically. Securely stack boxes to utilize more height within the unit, ensuring that heavier boxes remain at the bottom. If permitted, consider adding shelving to optimize space, providing a more organized and accessible storage solution. Pay attention to the boxes you are stacking, so you can check that breakables are secure and not at risk of damage.

3. Be Mindful of What Not to Store

Not everything is suitable for a storage unit. Perishable items can spoil and attract pests, while hazardous and flammable materials are strictly prohibited. Consult resources like for a comprehensive list of items to avoid storing, ensuring the safety and compliance of your Load and Lock Self Storage unit.


self storage tips - vehicle storageVehicle Storage Tips to Protect Your Investments

Storing your vehicle at a facility requires a bit more preparation than just parking it and forgetting it. Whether it’s a classic car, an RV, or a motorcycle, taking the right steps before storage can greatly impact its condition for the better when it’s time to take it back to the road.

Start by changing the oil, as old oil can have contaminants that might harm the engine. Fill the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer to prevent rust within the fuel system and ensure the gasoline doesn’t degrade. A thorough cleaning of both the interior and exterior will prevent long-term damage from dirt and grime. For additional protection and maintenance tips tailored to vehicle storage, Load and Lock Self Storage recommends consulting a professional mechanic or following expert advice similar to Edmund’s comprehensive vehicle storage guidelines.

When the time comes to find a secure location for your vehicle, Load and Lock Self Storage is here to meet your needs with our convenient vehicle storage options. A handful of our facilities offer outdoor vehicle parking spaces designed to accommodate vehicles of various sizes, ensuring your prized possession is well-protected until you’re ready to hit the road again. Explore our website to locate a Load and Lock Self Storage facility near you, where you can count on finding a safe and reliable space for your vehicle storage requirements.


The Pocono Mountains’ Easy Choice for Reliable & Secure Self Storage

Think self storage might be helpful for your current situation? Take a load off with Load and Lock Self Storage! The Pocono Mountains’ trusted name for storage provides a range of solutions, so we are able to support you through any project. Protect your valuables with temperature-controlled storage, prioritize quick access with one of our drive-up storage units, and even make room across all areas of your property by finding a Load and Lock Self Storage location to store your vehicle. We can do it all, and our month-by-month leases allow you to stay flexible and on budget.

We value your time, which is why our rental process is as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. With our online storage rental system, you can easily find and reserve the perfect unit from the comfort of your home. Use helpful resources like our storage calculator to guide you to the proper storage unit size for your load. Whether you’re storing household items, office supplies, or anything in between, Load and Lock Self Storage is equipped to meet your storage needs.

Ready to embrace a clutter-free lifestyle? Let Load and Lock Self Storage provide the extra space you need in your life. Visit us online today, explore our storage options, and take the first step toward a more organized life by reserving your unit today.

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