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Refer a Friend to Save as You Move

Are you moving soon? Self storage offers extra space to securely store your belongings as you settle into your new home. Load and Lock Self Storage has two locations with different storage options, and tenants can save money when they refer a friend. Both the tenant and the friend will receive $50 off their next storage rental.

Moving as a result of the coronavirus pandemic? You are one of many, and Load and Lock Self Storage looked at why so many people were fleeing the cities.

Why Move During a Pandemic?

  1. High Costs. Cities with some of the highest costs of living were also the cities that saw the most people move out. New York and Chicago had some of the largest numbers of outgoing movers. The rent of a city apartment just does not make sense to pay when you do not have access to your normal city shops and experiences.
  2. Restrictions. To keep the virus from spreading, city mayors imposed tight restrictions. When some people saw that less populated areas still had some of their freedoms, they started packing.
  3. Too Many People for Safety. Staying secluded and safe is not an easy task when there are lots of people around every time you leave your home.

Rent with Load and Lock Self Storage & Refer a Friend for Savings

Ready to find the right storage for your move? Load and Lock Self Storage has two storage facilities: Albrightsville PA and Canadensis PA. Both have drive-up storage units, as well as vehicle storage options outdoors. Everything is kept secure behind our gate that has personalized keypad access, and our facility stays well lit for you always. Find your next storage solution online with Load and Lock Self Storage. And do not forget to refer a friend to save. Rent online now!

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