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Local Storage and Back To School Tips

Back to school season is here and that means fall is around the corner. Do you know how you are staying organized this winter? Load and Lock Self Storage is your local storage solution in Albrightsville PA and we are ready to help you pack away your summer gear. Our drive up storage units and outdoor parking create the perfect spot to stow away your belongings until the weather cooperates.

We are a local storage solution in Albrightsville PA but we are also helping you get ready to send the kids off to school. With these back to school tips, your household will be ready to conquer the school year.

Local Storage Albrightsville PA

Home Organization for Back To School

  1. Pack lunches during the weekend and get the kids involved. If the kids pack healthy choices they want to eat, everyone will be happy.
  2. A homework station will help kids get into a routine after school. Use old soup cans to organize your extra school supplies.
  3. Hectic mornings can sometimes mean forgotten supplies. Pack an emergency pencil bag in the car.
  4. A coat rack, whiteboard, and clear plastic bins by the front make a quick family command center.
  5. Use apps like Cozi to keep schedules organized when the after school activities start.

Fall Storage Tips

  1. Inflate tires on the lawnmower before moving it to the storage unit.
  2. Remove gas from gas-powered lawn equipment before storage.
  3. InStyle has a great article on swapping this season’s clothing for your cozy sweaters and boots.
  4. Move the RV or summer vehicle to our outdoor parking spaces and free up the driveway.
  5. Label boxes going to the storage unit! Stay organized with our moving supplies sold on site.

Load and Lock Self Storage is your local storage option in Albrightsville PA as well as your seasonal expert for organizing. Talk with us about our seasonal storage options or reserve online.

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