Holiday Decoration Storage

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips and Tricks

When holiday cheer is left around your house long after the holidays are over, it can become increasingly more difficult to find the motivation to put everything away. Load and Lock Self Storage can help you with all your storage needs by providing nearby storage units that are convenient and secure. Find holiday decoration storage, commercial storage options, and more in Canadensis PA and Albrightsville PA. Rent or reserve your self storage, and check out our tips below for packing up!

Holiday Decoration Storage 101

Christmas Tree Protection

You do not want all your artificial tree’s needles falling off before the tree even gets to see next Christmas. Storing your Christmas tree in its original box or a similar-sized container will help protect it from crashing around. Wrap it with some bubble wrap before storing it away so it stays secure.

Ornament Padding

Packing your ornaments with extra padding will keep them from rustling around and breaking. You can use newspaper, bubble wrap, or other padding. Check out our storage offices for our available packing supplies options.

Wrapping Supplies Container

If you will use it next year, save it. You are never running out of holidays and birthdays to wrap up presents for, so keep everything handy. Store your wrapping supplies together under your bed or in your Load and Lock Self Storage unit. 

Holiday Decoration Storage with Load and Lock Self Storage

Ready to get started? Your holiday decoration will be safe with us in our drive-up storage units, secure in our fenced facilities. Our storage units are versatile and can be used for residential as well as commercial storage. Local businesses need space to grow, and those close to our Albrightsville PA and Canadensis PA locations can keep everything safe and convenient nearby their offices or shop. Rent or reserve your storage solution online today!

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