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Car Storage Tips for the Winter

Is your car ready for the chilling temperatures or the winter weather? Car storage can make your vehicle last through the storms and be ready for warmer conditions. Load and Lock Self Storage is an all interior storage facility in Albrightsville PA that can help you store your summer clothes. After the boxes are labeled and packed away, focus on these car storage tips.

Car Storage Albrightsville PA

Car storage tips for the winter

Keep it covered. Whether indoor or outdoor, a thick, breathable cover is important to protect your paint.

Spruce the car up before storage by applying an extra layer of wax and vacuuming the interior.

Avoid using the parking brake, instead chock the wheels.

Inflating your tires to the maximum psi will stop flat spots and a flat tire.

Wipers tend to stick to a cold windshield. Remove them or pull them away from your windshield before storing.

A fuel stabilizer will prevent sediment from clogging your gas lines.

Whether it is a few self-storage tips for winter or car storage steps to keep in mind, Load and Lock Self Storage is here to help. Our Albrightsville PA storage units are monitored no matter what the weather is doing outside. Our large storage units can be a vital part to swapping houses, while small storage units make changing the seasons easier.

Here at Load and Lock Self Storage in Albrightsville PA we want to provide the storage options that suits your needs. Reserve your storage unit online today!