Selling Items Online Albrightsville PA

Selling Items Online & How Self Storage Can Help

Have you ever considered storing your while selling items online? Make extra money with your sales online and store the extra gear out of the house with Load and Lock Self Storage.

Selling items online can remove excess belongings you are no longer using and recycle them to someone who can find a use. College students selling textbooks, or recent graduates trying to furnish their first apartment can benefit from what you have to offer. Our storage units are there to help when you are looking for space to store these items.

Load and Lock Self Storage is a brand new self storage facility in Albrightsville PA. North of Jim Thorpe and south of Interstate 80 is our self storage location on Meckesville Road. Pull right up to one of our drive up storage units and start swapping your belongings for space. If you plan on doing some spring cleaning this year, store with us.

Selling Items Online Albrightsville PA

Tips for Selling Items Online

  1. Honesty is important when selling something online. If you have something that is broken or needs repaired, let viewers know.
  2. Descriptions are helpful to give potential buyers all the information. Include dimensions if selling furniture, and details about articles of clothing.
  3. Consider selling things in bundles, like summer clothes, shoes, or home decor.
  4. Taking multiple photos is a fast way to describe what you are selling.
  5. Online sales with time limits tend to sell a lot faster. Mark your item with a note “limited time only” or “Offer ends in 1 day.”

Whether you are saving for a vacation or want to clean up for spring, Load and Lock Self Storage has you covered. Our drive up storage units can be rented online, so you can start moving today!

College students looking for summer storage? Start reserving you space for your college supplies now.

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