storage packing tips

Packing for storage, all you need to know

Once school is out the kids will be begging for the beach, so get ready for summer with these storage packing tips. Get your home in order before the big summer plans start filling up your calendar with the help our Albrightsville PA storage units. Load and Lock Self Storage knows the solutions for renewing a home after winter closed up. Maybe you plan on swapping homes at the first sign of summer, these storage packing tips get your ready for whatever your family has planned this year.

With a couple tips from the experts you trust, your home will be ready for a cookout or the next open house.

storage packing tips

  • Even if you are not moving furniture to a unit, give it a good cleaning. Resurface wood and wipe down glass surfaces.
  • As you go through the house tidy up a little. If you need to pack clothes it can be a struggle is some items are in the laundry room and spread out in the bedroom.
  • Labels are most important for the future. Make a system you will understand when fall comes and you need these supplies again.
  • When packing the truck for storage, keep boxes from the same room together for easy unpacking.
  • Shelves and tables may be better stored disassembled. A way to keep the hardware with the right pieces would be to tape the bag of small screws to the furniture after taking it apart.
  • So you do not break the glass in your beautiful artwork use tape to make an “X” across the glass.
  • Your organization method will come in handy when the truck arrives at the unit. The items in the back will be closer to the front; these should be items you need often.

Our storage packing tips are here to get ready for the next move this spring as well as beneficial for all the spring cleaners out there.