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October 20, 2020

Top Tips for Packing with Our Storage Supplies

Do you need storage for the cold weather? Load and Lock Self Storage has two locations in the Pocono Mountains: Canadensis PA and Albrightsville PA. We can assist throughout the entire storage process, from packing to accepting deliveries on your behalf. Both of our offices sell storage supplies on-site, and during October, we are donating a percentage of those sales to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness. Help us make a difference by purchasing your boxes and locks with Load and Lock Self Storage!

1. Pack Small Boxes with Your Heavy Items

Large items may fit inside your largest boxes, but they also bring on the largest risk of breaking the box. Think about the weight of your items when packing up boxes. Items that are too heavy in a box can fall through the box and break or can end up inuring whoever is attempting to lift them. Follow this rule when packing: Pack heavy items in your smaller boxes and light objects in your larger boxes. It better distributes the weight, so it is more manageable on all fronts.

2. Label Boxes with a Marker or Cheat Sheet

You have probably heard the trick of marking your box with the room of your house in which those items belong. That is a great start to labeling your boxes for organization. The next step is to make a cheap sheet of the items in each box. That way you can differentiate between the clothing box holding your winter clothes and the one carrying your summer clothes. Doing the work now keeps you from having to rummage through boxes later to try to find a certain item. 

Storage Supplies in Albrightsville PA and Canadensis PA

Between our Albrightsville PA and Canadensis PA storage facilities, Load and Lock Self Storage has the most convenient affordable storage in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. We offer drive-up storage and parking spaces at both locations. In addition to storage, we sell all the storage supplies you need for packing up your items. Find the location closest to you to start renting a storage unit that fits your needs and budget!

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About the Author: Paige is a Social Media Coordinator at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. She brings the most useful storage tips and tricks to your social media feed and loves a good self-storage pun. Beyond work, Paige spends her free time traveling extensively, her most recent trip being the Andes Mountain region of Bolivia.