August 26, 2020

Can That Fit in a Small Storage Unit?

You may be wondering what storage unit size you actually need to fit all the boxes and furniture that are currently taking up space in your house. Load and Lock Self Storage understands that can be hard to determine, so we’ve created resources, like this sizing guide, to help pair you with the right size storage unit.


Storage Unit Size Guide

Small Storage Units

Commonly Used For: dorm furniture, seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, sales rep inventory

Small storage units have more potential and space than you might think. If you pack efficiently, you can fit a few large pieces of furniture and some small- to -medium-sized boxes around them. Mattress sizes larger than a full will need to be stored in a storage unit larger than 5×5.

Medium Storage Units

Commonly Used For: apartment/condo contents in a move, business inventory, shed/garage items, small vehicles

Medium storage units can hold the contents of two or three rooms, meaning all the furniture, clothing, light fixtures, and books. They also act as extensions of your garage or shed when you need to clear out extra workspace at home. If you don’t want to store your kayaks and golf clubs in your house during the winter, keep them with us. The same goes for bicycles and motorcycles.

Large Storage Units

Commonly Used For: house contents in a move, big business inventory/equipment, vehicles

A large storage unit is capable of holding four to six rooms’ furniture. That gives you plenty of room to store what you need to during a move, and you can come back for it to unpack once you are settled into your new house. Large storage units can also hold vehicles, small boats, and trailers if you do not have the means to keep them at your house.

Store Safely with Load and Lock Self Storage

Load and Lock Self Storage has two locations: Albrightsville PA and Canadensis PA. We offer drive-up storage units for convenient loading and unloading. Our cameras monitor the site 24/7 to assure the safety of you and your possessions. If you need additional help determining the right storage unit size, call one of our offices to speak to an expert, or check out our storage calculator. Once you know what size you need, rent your unit right away or reserve it for future use!


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