February 27, 2020

Organize Your Shed With These Simple Steps

Are you looking for simple creative ideas to organize your shed? Load and Lock Self Storage has found out some innovative ideas to help you organize your shed and make your spring cleaning a little less stressful. Check out these steps to maximize your storage space.

Shed Organization Ideas

Shelving is the first place to start when it comes to organizing your shed. You can create custom shelves or buy some from the home improvement stores.
Utilize pegboards to install small tools for easy accessibility. You can even mark their outlines on the board, so it is easy to spot what is missing.
Shed doors can be used to hang small appliances with the help of hooks. It will help to clear up some floor space.
Use leftover plywood to create a small ramp to easily roll out your wheelbarrow or lawnmower out the door.
Create a small caddy or a cart for grab-and-go trips to the garden.

Storing in Albrightsville PA or Canadensis PA

Talk to our storage experts at any of our locations in Albrightsville, PA, and Canadensis, PA for more storage and organization tips. Load and Lock Self Storage is here to serve you if you run out of space while cleaning out your garage, shed, office, or house. We offer a wide variety of storage units ranging from 5×10 to 15×30. So, you can store any item from a lawnmower to furniture.

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