January 29, 2020

5 Holiday Storing Tips To Reclaim Your Space

After the most magical time of the year reclaiming your space is top on the to-do list. How do you store your holiday decorations? So next year’s show is just as big, keep the lights and animated decorations safely stowed away in storage. Load and Lock Self Storage can help with your holiday storing needs! Check out these 5 tips to get started.

holiday storing - lights

5 Holiday Storing Tips

  1. Closet organizers and shelves will keep your storage unit in order.
  2. Clear bins or boxes with labels make it easy to sort and find items next year.
  3. Use plastic containers from the grocery store to keep ornaments organized.
  4. Hang wreaths instead of putting them in a box to prevent flat spots.
  5. Put a protective bag over the tree and wreaths to keep dust off the branches.

More tips from HGTV and Good Housekeeping will make storing this new year even easier.

2 Storage Facilities To Better Serve You

Load and Lock Self Storage offers 2 storage locations with a variety of storage units to choose from. Our storage calculator can help narrow down the choices to one that suits your buying needs.

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